Personal Thoughts, Dreams, and Stories.

Dream Sequence #____________

February 18th, 2015           6:40-8:00 PM

                                                  This sequence started in a setting in which the place was ruled by a lady that kept everyone locked down. It was essentially a prison and we could only do things based on what we were allowed by the woman in charge. She was dressed almost like an android, an England /Steampunch-ish style colored white and blue. The setting was in a sense future-istic with portals but it interacted like how one would be in a video game. I had to stand on a port on the floor in order to be granted access into another area.

It starts out in like the ‘main’ lobby in which airships docked and one could enter the inside and go which way. However due to me being a ‘prisoner’ or on limited access, I could only go certain places that she would let me. This did not mean I was barred from going any specific place, she just said that I couldn’t go which way. The ports granted me access regardless. So it starts out in which I am in the main lobby and I had returned from somewhere with the lady in charge. I decide to be a rebel however and start a mad dash towards one of the ports. She is shocked and lags behind due to not thinking that this was happening and I manage to escape to wherever I wanted to be.

I end up in a school auditorium (It looks exactly like the school auditorium of my elementary days at Mcguffey elementary in Columbus, OH) and it seems that there is a group of people that are planning a rebellion against the lady in charge. I’m talking amongst my allies in the back of the auditorium whilst the rest of the people-they seem to be my colleagues-are sitting obediently in the front staring at the three men who were sitting watch on the stage.

I go back to the main lobby and I don’t see the lady in charge in sight so I go to the port to be admitted onto an airship. I’m standing within this black jet and I’m excited as one of my teachers is there and questions where I’ve been and why I’m somehow not in his class. I tell him my schedule and that I don’t end with his class at night instead I end up dealing with the lady in charge. He then decides to help me out. With the plane in the air, it starts to tilt as if its descending and I’m standing in the main cockpit. Looking to the right of me, I see that there is a an orange faceless creature-the pilot perhaps?-facing towards me (not towards the front of the plane) and I hear my teachers voice saying to model the eyes onto this characters face and then animate its expressions as it would be in this situation of the plane descending. I’m envisioning an expression that’s angry and frustrated when I feel there is a disturbance and the plane falling simulation stops.

I’m back to the port to the main lobby and I sense that the lady in charge is nearby so I go back to the main lobby and I see her in the distance. She sees me and starts to chase after me. I’m like ‘shit, shes going to reprimand me’ so I run to escape her. I know that there is some sort of punishment if I were to get caught so I do all that I can to dodge her and try to get to the port to go back to the auditorium. After many close calls of her catching me, I eventually make it back to the school auditorium and I’m talking to my allies again.

We stay near the entrance and I sense the lady in charge arriving and so I play it cool along with my allies. She walks in with a bin and speaks about having to take our articles of clothing due to radiation and contamination and to change into another pair of clothing that she is providing. The clothes shes providing seems to be a red jacket overtop a black jumpsuit. Amused that this was happening, I somehow get an idea to make it so that the lady in charge will stop pestering us-at least for a while-so I start to stalk seductively towards her while taking off my shirt. I leave my undershirt and underwear on while I stalk closer and lean in towards her ear and whisper something along the lines of her collecting our clothing for personal reasons. She sputters and becomes embarrassed and I pull back to laugh as she runs away with our ‘contaminated’ clothing. Putting on clothes-my own and not the ones she provided-I stalk to the middle of the aisle way, jump into a shopping cart (where it came from is up to the imagination) and my allies push me down towards the front. I somehow have amazing control and manage to dodge all the piles of trash and the people shuffling across the aisle but there is a person that is stuck in the middle of the aisle way and I slam on the brakes so to not run him over.

A colleague then jumps out from the front row and goes to push me back up the aisle as the three men sitting on the stage turn their attention towards me. I’m pushed back towards the entrance and I remember staring down the three men on the stage.

I wake up.


Dream Sequence #_____

February 18, 2015 8:00-8:40 AM

I have been terrible at recording my dreams these past few months. I’m starting to get back on track however.

              This sequence starts at the beach and there are few people there. There seems to be something happening and I seem to be leading a group of people. The day setting Is about late afternoon with a bright cloudy day. I’m standing on a hill looking down onto the shoreline and that’s when three Hispanic guys appear riding upon black horses. I stand firm and stalk towards the shore line with my second in command in tow-which seems to be my boyfriend-and stare down the leader of the trio. It seems to be an unspoken rule that we cannot physically touch each other so in order to fight it Is to be done in another way.

The two lackeys behind the leader then pull out tennis balls and start to throw them at me. I am unfazed as they just graze past me-it feels like a taunt-and my second in command lashes out at them. Still staring down at the leader, our stare down is broken when something in the distance happens. It seems there is a beach house and I go to check it out as its closest to my ‘territory’ and where the rest of my group was. I run towards this secluded beach house thats near the entrance of the beach and I notice theres another Hispanic guy. It seems that this guy is the actual leader but there is something wrong with him. He’s a bit deranged.

Coming at me, he tries to physically fight me but there is some sort of unspoken rule that in this sequence physical contact is not allowed. However he is coming at me with froth coming out his mouth and eyes wide open. At this point, there is no sense of holding back so he throws a punch at me and I eventually get him down and grapple his leg. I twist and immobilize it while he screams. The trio on the horses then appear as well as my boyfriend and they separate us and drag me back down to the shoreline. It is then that I see a team of people run towards the house and I see them douse his body in gas and light it on fire.

Back at the shoreline, there seems to be an understanding between me and the trio of horsemen when I see something coming towards us from the water. Backing up, I signal towards everyone and we all run towards the opposite end of the beach as the water starts to glow red.

I wake up.

Dream Sequence #___

Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Events that happened in this dream may not have happened in the order that I have written. Perhaps. Hard to tell hmm?

 I awoke on a beach in which I’m above and looking down upon it. Perhaps I’m on a cliffside of some sort. Either or, Im able to see the entire beach. I look over and to the right of there, there is a cruise ship thats docked on the white sand and there are poles set up to designate that that will be where the people will exit. Theres something off about the image however. To the left, there is a group of people waiting for their loved ones to get off the cruise ship. Within the crowd, there is a little boy waiting for his mother.

But then I notice that the cruise ship is starting to sink, starting to droop down, front first. I look even closer and I start to see that the people aboard are starting to panic, however they dont know what to do in the situation. Looking over at the crowd of people waiting, they seem to be in shock as to what is happening and dont move. Turning my attention back to the cruise ship, I see people managing to escape.  Swimming in the water-which in all honesty should be too shallow to even swim in let alone have a ship actually sink-and crawling onto land. However there arent that many people that escape and that struck me odd.

I notice the little boy run forward across the beach towards the ship. Someone stops him and covers his eyes. He may only be about 4 years old.

He wants his mother.

Looking back at the cruise ship, its completely gone with only a few people that have managed to escape.

Thats when I go towards the little boy but I myself am not on the beach. I’m still somehow above and looking down, still on this invisible cliffside.

A sort of Build a bear appears then on the beach near the crowd and its open with no walls. I urge the boy to make a doll to feel better and get his mind off of things. He turns around and looks at me and states that he wants to make a doll like the one I made.

This must be in reference to another dream that I had. Or perhaps it was implied to something that happened earlier in the dream.

He goes to make one and I watch.

Time Jump

 Im suddenly on an island thats heavily forested and green. There is a robot there with me and its running on two large pink jewels that sit in the sockets where its eyes could have been. We’re running and theres something chasing us. Im not exactly sure what it was, but it manages to capture the robot and rip out the jewels in its head. I kept running.

Time Jump

Im walking on a trail within the woods and the boy from before is now grown to be a teenager. We’re on a mission of some sorts in which we’re trying to figure out who killed his mother. It seems to be that the sinking of the ship was a ploy. It seems to be the beginnings of fall as we’re walking through the trail and we notice in the distance that there is an abandoned tunnel. That seemed like an ideal spot to go an explore in. However the boy keeps back tracking and eventuallly we find something that catches our attention. It was right in front of us but because we kept getting distracted by the abandoned tunnel, we never noticed it.

Theres an old stone and rustic gateway on the trail and we manage to see that there is an opening that can be accessed by a ladder. We follow where that ladder traveled and found a fenced in area that we had to climb a ladder to get to. Visualize a concrete block that has an access ladder and the top is fenced off. (Like Hoover Dam in Columbus, OH)

The boy goes and grabs ahold of the ladder but then the doors open and three people walk out, armed with weapons. One with a chain. Another with circular saws. The third with fists. They seem to be the ones that are guarding the place or perhaps theyre the ones that we were searching for.

A fight commences and Im against the man with the circular saws and the fist brawler. The dream ends when the saw comes close to my stomach and my blade-that seems to be my weapon of choice alot-closing in on his head.

Dream Sequence #____

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Waking up, theres only a few things that I remember. After brushing my teeth its a little less so.

The setting is a beach setting in which theres a whole group of people. Classmates it seems to be like. Victoria Sin is apparently there with me. Prominent members seem to be her, a hispanic boy thats a little taller than me, two caucasian girls with amber brunette and blonde hair. The rest are just blurs. I remember that we’re all sitting at the beach in an area with stone tiling as the floor and there are street lights surrounding it. Its starting to become late evening and everyone starts to leave. In the distance, clouds seem to be rolling in.

In general, I was set apart from the group doing and handling my own things. I wasnt really spoken to. In the end however, I go to help Victoria out and the hispanic boy comes up to me and starts preaching about how he tried so hard to line everyones schedules up and whatnot. To me it was more of a jab at myself for not partaking in whatever activities happened and not participating. It didnt bother me too much but how he was saying it was grating me. Mocking. I retaliate by telling him to deal with it. To stop being a pussy ass bitch. But all the while hes smiling towards me and starts to walk away. He brushes past me and makes a sort of fingure gesture before half the group walks away with him. I turn towards the two girls and notice that the other half of the group is walking in the opposite direction to where the light was setting. I looked down and noticed that a bag and a hat were left forgotten and I looked up to see who forgotten it. The girl with the amber brunette hair did so I scooped it up and gave it back.

There was something before the end of this dream however I do not recall it.

Drabble #__

I’m starting a series of drabbles in a sense to start exploring deeper into the characters that I’ve created. Something fun to do as a break from my usual projects.


He always thought that reading an Introduction to a book was pointless. It was just there to waste some space in the pages and prolong the actual story. Paired with those foreword passages or whatever they were, it was one of the reasons why Sno tended to get frustrated with reading.

Of course, he could always just SKIP those actual pages in the book and jump right into Chapter 1. But he never felt right and needed to read the book the ‘right’ way. Those passages were there for a reason.

Even though he believed they had no reason what so ever. This is what was so aggravating. This teeter totter of thoughts. It just got too confusing.

He just wanted to read. But it was getting annoying.

Potential Ideas

Top Three for CG Society neh?

P.S. This is a personal note to myself for a class of mine.

Anyhow, Top three scenes for the CG Society challenge.

1.) Flying Spaghetti Monster

2.)Under the Boardwalk.

3.) The Kings Treasure

Life thought #__

Finals has made its way into my life and Im definitely floating throughout the day.

Hmm. Coffee.